Rome and Vatican, Italy

If you have never been to Rome before expect to truly fall in love with its unrivaled history, culture and character. No matter where you go or if you opt out of visiting local museums, the beauty of this city lies in the fact that it is an open museum in itself. Ancient history meets modern-day society with countless monuments to the might of the Roman Empire dispersed among chic shops and refined restaurants. Often referred to by locals as RHome, La Dolce Vita in the Eternal City will delight all your senses and leave you enchanted.

Where to stay

Upgrade your stay in Rome and do it in style by staying in an historical Atelier in the heart of the city (5mins walk to the Spanish Steps). Conveniently located by all major sights in Rome: hassle free. This is your ideal location that enables you to walk anywhere you want to go. Apply this DISCOUNT credit  here for your stay and check this place out and book it by clicking on the image above.

DO what the Romans do

See the Pope! Attend the Papal Audiences on Wednesdays at St Peter’s Sq at 10AM. Recommending to get there before 8AM to reserve a good seat.

EAT like the Romans eat

Eat with the locals and avoid those chain/commercial ‘restaurants’. Instead look for those ‘trattoria’ signs to delight yourself with some authentic family owned, casual, rustic neighbourhood restaurants. Best area for the best traditional trattorias are away from the city centre. Head to the charming Trastevere  area by the Vatican City. if you like meat try fettucine with wild boar ragu or For fish go for fettucine with mussels. My TOP recommendation is Trattoria Da Enzo. A real gastronomical treat as they carefully select and pick the best ingredients from the best producers/farmers around the country.

Where to get that GELATO

Cannot go wrong with a century old traditional Italian gelateria, GiolittiA 7 minutes walk from Trevi Fountain. Treat yourself with triple (or more) flavoured ice-creams. Pick the special cone for a proper treat. You will be amazed by the assortments they have also for handmade fresh desserts and cakes.

Best PIZZA in Rome

Thin, crispy, light and delicious. Your best call for pizza in the city centre is at La Montecarlo, few steps away from Piazza Navona square.


Hire a local tour guide

If you want to make the most of your visit treat yourself to a personalised tour with ExploroTour. This will enrich your experience to an extend far beyond what you would otherwise glean from wandering around the ancient Empire.

Top 3 panoramic views

Top of the Spanish Steps

Climb to the top of the Spanish Steps. As you have the Church in front of you turn left as if you were to go down the road and you will see on the left hand side an entrance to a local bar/restaurant. From that balcony you will appreciate an AMAZING view of the city for some great sunrise/sunsets.


Pincio – this is one of your unmissable spots in Rome, daily frequented by locals for romantic walks and stunning sunsets. It would be a mistake to skip it as one of the best places to realise how monumental and imperial this city is.

Basilica’s dome

Top your visit by reaching the top of the Vatican City’s St. Peter’s Basilica (yes, the big Vatican Dome!): one of the holiest Catholic temples. However please note it is a bit tricky to get to the top due to the narrow and spiral staircase at the end (not ideal if you’re claustrophobic!) but totally worth it if you can brave it.

Colosseum Special

TIP: when visiting the Colosseum make sure to buy tickets from the OFFICIAL Italian website, CoopCulture, that offers the entry to both the amphitheater and other MUST-SEE places, Foro Romano and Palatino. Additionally the ticket from CoopCulture includes FREE entrance to some local exhibitions (these vary across the year). All for 12 EUR. Great value for money.

Make sure to take a walk ALL around this magnificient masterpiece (still standing!) and to visit it at night for a SURREAL night-version experience.

2-DAY Itinerary


Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain


Piazza Navona

Sistine Chapel

Vatican Gardens

Trastevere – nightlife and dining area



Roman Forum

Piazza Venezia

Pincio Terrace


Did you know…

The Pope’s army is one of the oldest (and finest) one in the world. The guards you will see around Vatican City are known as Swiss-guards. To apply for it you must be a Swiss male, younger than 30, at least 5,8 inch tall, have a diploma, be Catholic 9of course) and have already completed military training with merits.



As I have already gone through the above journey and traveled around South America, if you require further specialised support on an itinerary and extra tips and discount feel free to contact me directly.