Porto, Portugal

One of the most fascinating, yet under-rated, coastal city of Portugal. Famous for his refined wine and medieval character. A city built to impress. Discover below collections of unique travel tips for an enhanced experience of your visit.


Where to stay

Oh Porto! – Modern and minimalist apartments where to enjoy a truly BREATHTAKING view of the city of Porto through a bedroom window and balcony. This apartments are a right treat and the variety of rooms please all travelers. Check them out here.


Porto Cálem – For the finest wine tour and wine tasting experience, your best call will be with Cálem. Their  prime tours through the wine cellars history of Port will delight all your senses and enrich your Porto visit.


Cafe Santiago – When in Portugal a must-try dish is Francesinha: a traditional portuguese sandwich originally from Porto made with several ingredients including: cured ham, sausages, steak or roast meat… all covered in melted cheese and thick tomato and beer sauce over french fries.


Tasquinha dos sabores – traditional and delicious Portuguese food served in a homely atmosphere. Also I loved this place particularly for its creativity. It allows people to leave sticky notes on the wall with their reviews and messages.


O Valentim – a restaurant, a hotel, a terrace! Awesome place to treat yourself with fresh grilled fish with an amazing view of the ocean and coast of Matosinhos. Try the traditional Portuguese soup Caldo Verde, as a starter or any of their shrimps and clams: so yummy!


Santini – it is common among locals to ‘ir ao Santini’ literally to go to Santini, when it comes to enjoy the best ice cream in town. This is now an historical, yet trendy place originally set up by an ambitious Italian back in 1949. I recommend the fruity flavours: delicious and so fresh!


Discover the city of Porto in style by taking a ride on the Line 1, 18 and/22 of  187os Porto’s tram for as little as 3 euro. This is an unique way to move around and outside the city at ground level merging with local commuters too. View all routes here. I strongly recommend Line 22.


From Cais da Ribeira road, cross Ponte Luis I, turn right at the end of it and walk all along Av. De Diogo Leite to enjoy below view from there.


Piscinas dos Marés – if you head to Porto during summer time, you MUST experience this incredible saltwater swimming pool almost merging with the waters of the Ocean. Aesthetically pleasing combination of architecture and nature.

Check out how get there from Porto city centre:



This city truly is a hidden gem of Portugal: off the bitten track of tourist destinations. That’s why I liked it a lot. Only 1 hour train journey away from Porto (Sao Bento Station) for only EUR 2.80 (one-way). So worth it for its green parks scattered all around, its ruins, old tram system and above all the Santuario do Bom Jesus do Monte (first picture on the left and middle one). A spectacular and monumental sanctuary overlooking the city. Recommending getting there on foot and experience the old tram-via for the way down (second picture on the right). In terms of food and in order to embrace local cuisine try Brac restaurant, also peculiar for its decir: a fusion of old and new.