Los Angeles

City of angels…city of dreams…. city of ambitious! This is how I saw LA, precisely how everyone talked about it and ‘like in the moves’. What I particularly liked about LA is the vibe you just get from simply walking down a street..the friendly people I bumped into, the music, its sounds and scents. A plus is its golden coast line populated with surfers and people from all over the world: people with a dream, with ambitions! It has been just so different from any other cities I have visited and I hope you can experience the same.

How to get around: hire a mustang!Image result for mustang free icon

As much as I love exploring a city by taking long walks and getting lost in city-alleys, LA definitely requires you to rent a car. No jokes. this city is HUGE and there are area of LA (ie Hollywood, Silver Lake and Los Feliz) you really wouldn’t want to reach out via taxi or public transport. If you worry about parking places, there are a lot of free off-street parking around.

Do you like people watching?

In West Hollywood there is an artisan deli and cafe’ where you can enjoy mega fresh salad portions, sandwiches, home-made organic cakes and delicious iced-lattes whilst watching people passing-by. I find it relaxing and interesting to do so every now and then.

How to save your $$$

California, and in particular LA, is not cheap so in order for you to get to visit as many the tourist attractions as you can, I strongly recommend getting the SoCal CityPass (if you were already planning to see Disneyland, Legoland and SeaWorld). I am usually against city passes because sometimes they are not really worth it but this is definitely one to consider.


Whether you are or not a Jazz Fan, this is something to experience. LACAM museum offers FREE Jazz concerts every Fridays. If you are heading to LA in summer and like outdoor activity, check out the weekly concerts displayed at Santa Monica Pier.


Did you know LA is split into two distinct neighborhoods characterised by an unique vibe. In one hand you have the surfers’ paradise made of Santa Monica and Venice Beach and on the other the trendy upmarket feel of West Hollywood.


Sometimes I just like to get on my car and drive around so what’s better than doing so through the mighty and extravagant mansions of Beverly Hills? Start at the ‘Pink Hotel’ (Beverly Hills Hotel) and embark on a journey and who knows…you might bumped into a celebrity.


In LA you don’t just go for ‘a walk’… you OWN it. Experience the Walk of Fame in Hollywood neighborhood. However behind admiring (looking for) your favourite celebrities hands and footprints take a look around street corners bars, boutiques and restaurants to live the neighborhood in full.


Pan Am Experience – fine dining experience on board of an aviation themed studio. In here you can chose to dine in the First Class, Business Class or Lounge. Menu features a variety of dishes from chateaubriand steak to vegetarian ones.


Carneys Express – This is not your usual burger place. It is an unique experience. Step inside a yellow funky train and stuff your face with delicious burgers and hot dogs. Best time to go is at sunset as you can enjoy a great view like in the Entourage movie (if you are familiar with it you will recognise this place).