Perfect weekend escape destination. Small, full of pretty cafes, restaurants and alleys to discover. A hidden cultural and architectural gem of Europe. Here’s my top tips on what to see, eat and where to stay to make your visit unique as this city is.

Eat a speculoos

Maison Dandoy – Special kind of biscuit characteristic of the Belgian and Dutch tradition to celebrate  Saint Nicholas’s day (December 6). They are often served in cafes to have them with your coffee. The taste is like a gingerbread cookie or chocolatey and they are a real work of art to just look at. Try them at Maison Dandoy.

Have a waffle with ice cream

With as little as 2 EUROS you can enjoy a filling and mouth watering waffle anywhere in the city. Belgians really are the masters of waffles insomuch as they offer them with a wide variety of toppings and shapes.


Museum of the Belgian Brewers – This place is your best call to get a full insight on history of Belgian beers, find out their characteristics and peculiarities and also taste some of their BEST beers. I had the Tongorlo and Maes. Loved them! Tickets at 5EUROS and include museum and beer tasting.


Since 1856, Neuhaus chocolateriers has been leading and has mastered the art of making high quality Belgian chocolate.  A symphony of taste and texture, made with the finest natural ingredients. Try the dark and white chocolate mousse. You will love it!


One of Brussels’ signature dishes is the Mussels with fries. The portions are very generous (usually 1kg of mussels – serves 2) and delicious! Price ranges between 15 EUROS to 25 EUROS  (depending which restaurant you pick. Most expensive one being on Grand Place: main square). My recommendation is Chez Leon: a local-favourite restaurant, mastering this popular dish since 1893.

SUSHi lovers

Try some (if not all) of Makisu’s signature rolls for a unique sushi experience in Brussels. Or even better make your own Maki. With more than 30 different fresh ingredients you can delight and fulfill your sushi-craving as you wish.

Try other Belgian dishes

Boudin blanc – white sausage made with milk.

Carbonnades Flamandes – beefy dish.

Waterzooi – rich fish stew. Also made with chicken.


Atomium – major unavoidable icon of this European country’s capital which displays a unique creation of history of architecture and tribute to science. The atomium in fact represents in large scale a unit cell of an iron crystal and the view you can appreciate from there is supreme!. Reserve your visit here to avoid queuing for purchasing a ticket.


Mini Europe – right at the foot of the Atomium, there is a park which displays all the iconic buildings of European cities such as Big Ben, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and many many more! I saw it from above and it looked very cool. Best call to see ‘all of Europe in a day’.



Did you know locals like to dress the Peeing Boy in different folklore costumes? Like the picture below. Check more amusing ones here.  



Delirium – a Guiness World Record bar thanks to its extensive beer selection. It offers over 2k different brands of beer from 60+ countries worldwide. It started as a ‘cafe’, now taking over an entire area which takes the name of Delirium Village. I absolutely loved the young vibe of this place: so international and vibrant. Their signature beer is the Delirium Tremens, served in a nice little glass withtheir pink elephant logo printed all around.


Enjoy these aerial views of the city  by our collaborator


Where to stay

Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie – Located on Brussels most glamorous avenue, 20mins walking distance to Grand-Place, is my favourite Thon Hotel branch. You will enjoy spacious and comfortable rooms and very hearty and healthy breakfasts.  Above all what I enjoyed the most and ultimate made my stay even more pleasant and unique was the professional and friendly international staff. Below a few snaps of their interiors.

And don’t forget to check out their ‘Green Corners’ to enjoy complimentary and refreshing drinks. They pride of their title as top Eco-friendly hotel in the city.  



If you require further specialised support on an itinerary and extra tips and discount feel free to contact me directly.